I am Lucia!

I am lucky to have inherited this fantastic estate which has been in my family for generations. It was my great grandmother who made her money from being a successful scientist who originally bought La Dogana and developed her entrepreneurial vision of creating an agricultural business. 

Her daughter, my grandmother, was also an entrepreneur and was the first woman to learn to be a pilot in Italy!

La Dogana was originally the Customs house between Tuscany and Umbria and many famous people passed through it’s doors including Michelangelo, Hans Christian Andersen and Lord Byron.

I continue the line of female entrepreneurs of my family and after university I decided to return to the family Estate and develop it further into family holiday apartments and a wedding venue.

I love the countryside and my animals and each year I adopt more furry friends who need a home! I love welcoming guests and making them feel that la Dogana is their Italian home and become part of its history. 



An Italian Man and his Love for the Countryside…

My father, Emanuele, was 23 when he finished studying law at university; but becoming a lawyer or a judge was not his dream. He spent a lot of his childhood in La Dogana between the workers’ families when it was his grandmother’s farm estate and he always felt a special love for the place.

My father knows every inch of La Dogana, all its secrets and its history; he built alone the stunning 26 meter pool, transformed the ancient mill into what is now our amazing restaurant and faced many more challenges that gave me the possibility today to do my dream job.


My Amazing Brother…

Since my brother, Stefano, was a little boy he loved to watch our mom prepare lunches and dinners. He stared at her for hours never loosing any detail and asking curious questions such as: “why you put Basilico instead of Rosmarino? Why you put the mushrooms before the tomatoes?”. We may say that his future of becoming a great Chef was already written!

After many years working in the best hotels all over the world he is not only my private chef when I am desperately hungry after 10 hours of work 🙂 but most of all the Executive Chef and owner of our fabulous restaurant.


My Super Powerful Sister-in-Law!

Michelle is the German part of Sayesamore. She loves to meet people, whether private or professional. Her sensitivity to the needs of others quickly puts situations on the right path. She works in a structured way and is a fan of perfection, which has helped her a lot as a wedding planner in recent years. Most of all, she loves her family, Italian food and after a successful day to be proud of her work.

Michelle favorite moments on the wedding day are the arrival of the bride (goosebumps feeling) and the speeches of the guests, especially the fathers (there is already a tear flowing) …

I have lots of wonderful memories spent together with Michelle when I was a small kid at la Dogana, learning from her my favourite second language: German! She is not only my sister-in-law but especially my amazing colleague for weddings and events and I know that she has always my back! 


My Sparkling and Magical Rosie!

Rosie The Wedding Planner is an internationally recognised destination wedding planner from Dublin, Ireland.  She has been planning weddings around the world for 18 years, at one point in her career Rosie was offering over 4,000 locations in 80 different countries. She started to specialise in destination weddings to Italy about 5 years ago.

In 2010 she co-ordinated 86 wedding vow renewals on 5 continents for one couple in less than 6 months in a Guinness world record breaking attempt of ‘Most Vow Renewals by One Couple’! 

In 2018 Rosie moved with her family to Italy and we are delighted that Rosie is now La Dogana’s wedding consultant waiting to assist all our couples with their enquiries and wedding plans.