Wine Retreats


What transfers are included in the bundle?

Our bundles include private group transfers to and from Rome airport (2.5 hours drive). The transport used during the five town tours is also included in the bundle.

Any other type of transfer is an extra cost to be paid by the clients and cannot be discounted from the cost of the bundle.

The usual meeting time for the shuttle to our venue is at 12 pm.

The meeting point with the rest of the group will be at the arrivals terminal which you will find upon exiting the baggage claim area. If you come to the meeting point from somewhere other than the plane on the meeting day just follow the signs for “arrivals” when you get to the airport. The transfer driver will have a sign that you will recognize based on the information you received by email when you placed your inquiry. In the same email you will find the confirmed group meeting hour and place.
If you can’t find this email please let us know at retreats@agriturismodogana.com and we will send it again.

The checkout and departure from the venue is always at 9.30 am. If you need an early departure we can arrange it for you and you will be charged for this accordingly.

We can arrange other private transfers (other than the group transfer) from the airport to the venue at an additional cost of €300 coming from Florence and €400 coming from Rome or Pisa. The price is intended per vehicle which can seat up to 8 guests who can share the cost of the private transfer. If there are other guests that we know of who could share the private transport with you we will make sure to arrange it accordingly.

For transfers before 6.30 am there is an extra fee of €30 to be added to the price of the transfer.

Our nearest train station is called: Terontola-Cortona (not to be confused with Camucia-Cortona) and it is 20 minutes away from us. Transfers to and from the train station can be arranged for 55€

We recommend booking your flights so as to arrive at least one day before the beginning of the retreat and leaving one day after the end, so as to avoid the stress and extra costs you would incur if you don’t make the group transfer or your return flight.

We need everyone’s flight information (arrival and departure) one month before the beginning of the retreat. In the case we do not receive your group flight information, we cannot ensure any extra private shuttles. There is no Uber or Taxi in the Italian countryside so the organisation of transfers is much more timely and complicated.

If you arrive a few days in advance and would like to explore the city of Rome you will find a shuttle train at the airport called Leonardo Express that departures every 15 minutes and brings you in 32 minutes directly to the central train station of Rome (Called: Roma Termini Station) for €14.

More details concerning this service can be found at the following link:https://www.trenitalia.


Important info for trains

If you do your ticket online it is mandatory from 2024 to do check-in, in high speed trains (Frecciarossa) you have to do it once you are on the train while for normal speed train (regionale, intercity) you have to do it BEFORE the train arrives or you will take the fine. The check-in can be done from the application of Trenitalia if you download it or by following the link on the online ticket they sent you on your email.

If instead you buy your tickets by the automatic machines at the train station you don’t need to do the check-in but you have to stamp the ticket in the specific machines that you find at the station.

Will I be able to drink the wine if I have issues with sulfates?

The way your body reacts to sulfates varies greatly from person to person so unfortunately we can’t be sure of how you will feel after drinking the wines offered during the retreat. All wines contain at least a small amount of sulfates whether added synthetically or naturally occurring in the production. However there is strict rules in Italy limiting the amount of sulfates that can be added and all our vineyards actually use significantly less than the allowed limit. Many of the vineyards we work with are organic or bio dynamic making the legal limit even lower.

What is not included in the bundle cost?

  • Airplane fair
  • Any extra transfers other than the group transfer
  • Other week lunches
  • Travel insurance
  • Extra cleanings
  • Any extra purchase made during the week

What is the cancellation policy?

All our payments are non refundable.

We suggest purchasing travel insurance that can cover the costs in case you have to cancel the trip.

What if our host isn’t able to host the retreat you booked?

If for any reason your host can’t come we will still take the utmost care of you and the retreat will be held as planned. There will be still wine experts present at every tasting to ensure you make the best out of each learning experience

What time is check-in and check-out? When can I actually arrive?

If you or any of the guests would like to arrive at the venue with a private transfer before the scheduled arrival time of the group shuttle at 2:30 pm, you may check in no earlier than 2:00 pm as our staff needs the day to clean and prepare the rooms

Is there WiFi available?

Wi-Fi connection is available in most areas of the venue.

I would like to stay some extra nights. Is this possible?

If you or any of your guests wish to extend their stay at the venue, you may request additional nights. We would be delighted to accommodate you subject to room availability. Please understand we get a lot of exclusive group bookings so availability of additional nights is not guaranteed. Please do not book flights based on the presumption that additional nights will be available, thank you in advance for understanding. 

I would like to book a private tour in Rome before or after the retreat. Do you know any professional guides?

Yes, we offer early bird tours of Rome including the Vatican Museum and/or the Colosseum. Let us know when you  place your inquiry and we will put you in touch with our tour guides manager.

If you intend on visiting other parts of Italy before or after the retreat we can help you plan your holidays with our close collaborators on the Amalfi Coast, Cinque Terre, Florence and Northern Lake District.

Which type of menu do you serve? Do you also cater to food allergies?

We offer meat, vegetarian and vegan menus. When you place your inquiry you will be asked to add this detail in the form. We take any food allergy or intolerance very seriously and our chef will design the menu based on your needs. We will also request this information in our inquiry form.

Important: serving gluten free and lactose free meals in Italy has to ab aid a very strict regulation by law. The chef and the whole waiting staff has to follow strict rules when dealing with these kinds of allergies. For this reason we kindly ask you to clarify whether in your case we are dealing with an allergy or with a dietary choice, thank you for understanding.

If you have dealt with gluten sensitivity in your life you might take this chance to try our grain derived products in Italy which are very different from the ones you find abroad. We have found that many of our guests have been able to eat bread and pasta here without problems when they weren’t able to do so at home. Our wheat is poorer in gluten and glyphosate is not allowed on Italian wheat crops. This does not apply to people allergic to gluten!

What do you serve for breakfast and dinner? Are beverages included?

Breakfast is a buffet including sweet and savory options of high quality coming as much as possible from small farms and organic sources. Coffee, tea and juices are included. Dinners consist of delicious three course meals including starter, main course and dessert with seasonal farm to table ingredients. Wine and water are included. Variations to fit any dietary requirement are provided upon prior request. Please let us know your dietary restrictions when you place your inquiry.

What will I find in the rooms?

Soap and shampoo, hairdryers, a minibar fridge with a small freezer compartment and a boiler for tea.

Will I have access to a washing machine?

Yes, you will have access to a washing machine free of charge. However there will not be a drier. There will be a clothesline to hang your clothes in the sun.

What do you suggest I bring for the trip?

We recommend to pack:

  • Euro adapters (if you forget it we offer them to be purchased at our reception for €20 each international adapter).
  • Your personal toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste) etc. We do offer shampoo and body soap)
  • Comfortable and light clothes
  • Warm layers in case of low temperatures
  • Sun cream protection and bug spray
  • One pair of sneakers
  • A raincoat or an umbrella in case of rain
  • A refillable water bottle (tap water is drinkable in all our apartments)
  • Any medication you may need

Is there a pharmacy nearby or a doctor?

We strongly recommend bringing your own medication. There’s a pharmacy 10 minutes away by car. In case of emergency, the nearest hospital is in Castiglione del lago (approximately 30 min drive). If you get sick we will make sure to come with you to the hospital and translate for you.

What if I want a private bedroom just for myself?

If you would like an entire room to yourself there is an extra fee of $1.000 to be paid. All beds are double beds and can’t be separated to become twins. This means that if you share a room with someone you will also be sharing the bed with them as well as the bathroom.

Tipping, is it a thing in Italy?
Tipping in Italy is not the same as in the USA: we don’t have a fixed percentage and it is very much based on your experience. Businesses such as hotels and restaurants catering to American guests have increased the quality of their service to cater to American standards and have done so also because of tipping so it is something that they have become more accustomed to. I guess the short answer is that tipps are not mandatory but always appreciated. However, if you don’t like what you get, do not tip.